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Office rental and coworking in Lattes, Montpellier

Our company offers a service of office rental and Coworking in Lattes, Montpellier. In our facility, you can rent à private office, a meeting room or just take advantage of our Open Office in coworking. Find all the details about our on-demand workspace in our “prestations” page.

Each one of our workspaces is fully furnished and equipped in order to serve the needs of all workers. High-speed internet, white board, presentation tools, kitchen corner, you’ll find everything you need in our on-demand workspace. Whether you’re looking for an affordable place to work with other professionals or for something more private, our facility has everything you’re looking for. Check-out our different on-demand workspace fare in the “nos tarifs” tab or at the bottom of this article.  

Don’t wait to contact us and make a reservation on-demand workspace Montpellier!

Our on-demand workspace in Montpellier, Lattes

ADIC gives you the possibility to rent a private office, a meeting room or a spot in our open space in our on-demand workspace situated in Lattes, Montpellier, close to the highway. You can indeed stay in our coworking workspace for the duration of your choice. Whether it is for an hour, half a day or a full day, make your reservation and start working. No heavy paperwork or caution needed, our on-demand workplace is perfect for an easy, affordable and punctual work session in Montpellier, Lattes.  

We offer different rates depending on the duration of your stay. Our on-demand workspace is designed to fulfill all your needs: flexibility, comfort, conviviality and performance, it has everything you can look for as a professional.

Contact us now via our contact form or give us a call ( to make a reservation in our on-demand workspace in Montpellier, Lattes.

on-demand workspace
on demand workspace

The pros of an on-demand workspace

  • Workspace dedicated to productivity.
  • Professional environment.
  • Flexible reservation, ideal for a punctual stay. You are free to decide of the duration of your stay.
  • All-inclusive service, furniture and equipment adapted to all workers.
  • Large choice of workspaces: Open Space, private office, meeting room. You can thus book the workspace best adapted to your needs.
  • Develop your network thanks to our Coworking workplace where you can work in a shared space with many other independent professionals.
  • No heavy administrative paperwork.
  • ADIC team is always listing to you and willing to assist you at all times.

On-demand workspace and flexibility

For a few years now, we have observed throughout the world a growing concern for individual well-being, going above professional success. If maintaining a good lifestyle remain a priority for most people, more and more people are giving more attention to their family life and hobbies. Many people have started to develop alternative forms of work such as working from a coworking office, giving them more flexibility in order to find the right balance between professional and personal life. Lately, the number of independent workers, telecommuters and other mobile workers have been multiplying. Thanks to the development of telecommunications and high-tech devices, this kind of activities have been made accessible to all.

However, it remains important for most professionals to maintain the distance between their workplace and their personal life. Our on-demand workspace in Montpellier, Lattes represents the perfect option for this kind of lifestyle. Designed and furnished to fulfill all professional needs, this kind of workplace is an easy option for all.

At ADIC, our on-demand workspace is available at flexible rate (hourly, daily or for a half-day). Pay only for what you are using and for the time spent on-site. In addition, no need to fill-up tons of administrative paperwork. Make an easy reservation and let our team take care of the rest!

Our different workspaces:

Open Space

Rent access to our open space for a few hours, a day or half a day and come work in our coworking space, in contact with other independent professionals. Working in a shared space is an affordable and easy choice for people looking for a place to exercise their activity. In our Open Space, we foster creativity and productivity! Take advantage of our flexible fares and book a sport in the Open Space of our on-demand workspace.

Private Office

Rent a private office within our facility and take advantage of an isolated workspace, exclusively dedicated to your work. You may need a quiet place to focus, an office for your appointment or an interview, feel free to adjust the use of your private office to your needs. Thanks to the private office rental, avoid the financial weight of a permanent office while benefiting from all its advantages. For more information regarding private office rental, check-out our page!

Ceci est le titre

Rent a meeting room with a capacity of 8 people. Our meeting rooms are adjustable according to your needs and equipped with internet and presentation tools. Our fares are designed to ease up your punctual reservation and give you all the flexibility needed. Our employees remain available and will assist you in order to adapt the room to your desires.

On-demand workspace fares, Montpellier, Lattes

Per hour Per half-day Per day
Coworking / Open Space
Starting at 4€
Starting at 12€
Starting at 20€
Private office
Starting at 10€
Starting at 20€
Starting at 40€
Meeting room
Starting at 15€
Starting at €35
Starting at 70€