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Coworking facility in Lattes, Montpellier.

Our rental company ADIC, located in Montpellier, Lattes, offers a service of on-demand, shared office. This Coworking workspace is entirely furnished and fully serviced. It was indeed conceived to be adapted to, and functional for, all kinds of individuals.

Whether you are a start-up, an independent worker or a telecommuter, our Coworking workspace owns all the attributes you will need. You will find in our facility an Open Space where you will be coworking with other professionals as well as private offices and meeting rooms. You can also rent the space to host an event.

Check out our website and learn more about our services and prices. Contact us to make a reservation.

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Our coworking workspace in Montpellier, Lattes

Our company offers you the possibility to work in its Open Space in Montpellier, Lattes. In addition to a fully furnished and serviced office, high speed internet in installed in our entire facility. Take advantage of our area dedicated to relaxation and enjoy our coffee corner. Our open space is also available for rent to host your events. Contact us for more information on that point. 

In a Coworking workspace, exchanges and communication but also productivity and creativity are fostered. Therefore, a coworking space represent the perfect opportunity for independent workers, freelancers or telecommuters to finally have a dedicated workspace and to engage in collaborative work. Our renters also have the possibly to rent a private office or a meeting room in our building. Our team is always here to assist you and our goal is to provide you with the best experience possible.

Flexibility and Coworking workspace

For a few years already, we’ve observed in France and throughout the world a flowering preoccupation of individual well-being over professional success. If maintaining a good lifestyle remains important, a bigger part of the population now focuses more attention on their families and hobbies. Many people adopted alternatives forms of work and switched their regular job for an independent profession, telecommuting or even started their own company. The development of technologies and the growth of telecommunication played a major role in the expansion of this kind of professions.

However, it remains important of most workers to maintain a separation between home and the workplace in order to differentiate personal and professional life. Renting an office space in a Coworking workplace represent the perfect solution for that type of lifestyle. Indeed, being completely arranged to respond to workers’ needs, a coworking workspace is an easy option for everyone. With ADIC, the hourly, half-day and entire day fares are allowing you to pay only for what you are using and for the time spent on site. In addition, no need for much administrative papers since our service is designed for punctual work sessions. Book your station and let our team take care of the rest.

Booming coworking workspaces in the world

According to the article “Coworking Spaces – A Source for Developing Creative Business” written by Claudia Isac, “there were in 2015, 7800 spaces worldwide […] and a significant annual rate of 23.8% will be recorded in the period 2016-2020 from 11,000 to over 26,000 spaces.” Proving that information technologies indeed had an effect on the way people perceived their work. 

Coworking: creativity and innovation

Renting a coworking workspace is a great opportunity for workers to develop their creativity and boos innovation. Indeed, the flexibility brought by this alternative form of work allows you to skip on renting a permanent office space that might represent a financial weight, too heavy if you are only starting your activity. Released from that engagement, you can bring your focus on what really matters.

Furthermore, coworking workspace rental allows workers who don’t have a permeant office to work with other individuals and to create connections.  Feeling isolated can decrease motivation and thus be harmful for your business. Thanks to coworking, work in a friendly, positive surroundings and increase considerably your performances. Enjoy a climate of mutual help and respect inside our Open Space and develop your business in great conditions.

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